Damian Raffele

Damian RaffeleDamian Raffele is a marketing powerhouse - with 20+ years of experience. He's achieved impressive results for everyone, from up-and-coming start-ups to Fortune 500 giants. From Nestlé Purina and Nationwide to VCA Animal Hospitals – his customer-focused approach has one purpose: growth! He knows exactly how to get the margins soaring higher while nurturing teams that make it all possible. Who needs lucky charms when you have Damian on your side?

Damian created a real success story in his role at VCA Animal Hospitals. He brought together furry friends and their parents with innovative thinking, creating CareClub Wellness Plans. The program allowed pet parents to better care for their beloved pets while still keeping an eye on budget - not only did it bring joy to pet parents everywhere, but saw major benefits across customer lifetime value (LTV), revenue, and overall loyalty! Damian is no stranger when it comes down to deadlines either; he’s got plenty of experience developing teams that have been consistently successful.

Damian's skills include:

  • Growth marketing, performance marketing
  • Business strategies - customer loyalty, product development, revenue growth
  • Go-to-market (GTM) plans and execution
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Leading cross-functional teams and building a collaborative culture
  • Working with executives and diverse stakeholders
  • Business development

If you want the latest scoop on everything from marketing to leadership, then Damian's blog is not one to miss. With insightful musings about growth marketing and growth hacking, it'll make your inner CEO come alive! So don't wait - head over to DamianRaffele.com for some life-changing wisdom today.

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